Many complex sensors are involved behind the working of all garage doors. These sensors make use of infrared signals or other techniques to let the garage door know what and when to do. There are four different types of sensors, which help in proper functioning of garage doors, and all these sensors are available in garage door sensors Santa Ana stores. There are safety sensors, pressure sensors, monitoring sensors, and carbon dioxide sensors, all of which, have their own functionality and purpose. Below is a brief look at these four types of garage door sensors.

Safety Sensors

These sensors will be fixed to the rails on the two sides of the garage door and are provided to keep the garage door from closing on pets, people, bikes, car or anything that moves in and out of the garage. Safety sensors use infrared beams to monitor the underside of the door for any obstacles. If the infrared beam is obstructed by something while the garage door is closing, the door will come to a quick halt and will reverse its direction of motion to protect the object that is obstructing the beam.

Pressure Sensors

Usually, these sensors will be installed on the bottom edge of the door and are provided to sense pressure changes while the garage door is closing. When these sensors come in contact with an object while the door is in operation, it will register the pressure change and will reverse the direction of the garage door. This sensor is also provided to guard against the door closing on things and people underneath.

Monitoring Sensors

These sensors will be found in those homes that have more than one garage door and is used to alert the homeowner if any of the garage doors is open. There are also sensors that can close an open garage door automatically after a set time. These sensors are used as an extra safety measure to prevent intruders from gaining access to your home.

CO2 Sensors

These sensors measure the level of carbon dioxide inside the garage and will alert you to open the door when the CO2 levels are very high. The carbon dioxide sensors work constantly to monitor the toxic gas levels inside the garage and check if the levels are dangerously high. These sensors are not so common in garages but can help to keep your pets and loved ones safe.

As garage door sensors are very important for the proper functioning of the garage doors, and for the safety of the people living in the home, you should seek the help of the best garage door repair service Santa Ana technician to repair and fix garage door sensor issues as soon as you notice any.