What was the first thing you noticed when you decided that your home was the right one for your family? Perhaps it was the granite kitchen counter tops or the large spacious back yard. However, according to real estate experts, the garage door is an important feature for home buyers. It’s one of the first things that home buyers notice when hunting for a new residence. If your garage door has experienced noticeable wear and tear, then it’s time to upgrade your garage door system.

We are a trusted source for quality garage door installation in Fountain Valley. Our experts have years of experience in installing garage doors and repairing garage door springs in Fountain Valley.

Benefits of New Garage Door Installation in Fountain Valley

Upgrading your garage door system is well worth the investment. Below are three benefits of changing your garage door.

  • Increases the overall value of your home
    A survey revealed that more than seventy percent of homeowners believed that replacing their old garage door increased the value of their house. In fact, the quality and style of a garage door can influence the recommended listing price of a house. Why? A modern and stylish garage door improves the appearance of your house. If you plan on eventually reselling your home this can attract potential buyers.
  • Help Prevent Home Burglaries
    Garage door openers manufactured before 1993 can easily be manipulated because the remote transmitter aren’t equipped with a rolling code system. This makes it easier for thieves to break into your home. Installing a new and advanced garage door system can add to the safety of your home. These days garage door openers have been combined with the latest technology. Individuals can open their garage doors right from their smart phones.
  • It can help you save money
    If you’re looking for ways to save money installing a new energy efficient garage door can pay off. The Federal Energy and Improvement Act of 2008 provide tax credits to homeowners who make energy efficient home improvements.

What We Can Do For You
Our team can handle a variety of garage door issues. One of the most common reasons our clients contact us for is to repair garage door springs in Fountain Valley. Yes, we have experience in:

  • Inspecting for defects
  • Install new garage door openers
  • Provide advice on instruction on how to properly maintain garage door systems
  • Provide a warranty on all our services

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