Q: What type of materials are the best garage doors made from?

A: It depends on what you’re looking for. If you want the most affordable, long-lasting garage door material, we tend to say aluminum, because they don’t rust like metal doors. However, metal doors like ones made from steel tend to be the best insulators for your home. The most popular choice when it comes to garage door materials nowadays tends to be wood, due to their aesthetically pleasing nature.

Q: How often should my garage door be inspected in order for it to run smoothly?

A: We usually recommend getting your garage door inspected and tuned up once every year or two. This is, of course, depending on the level of traffic you have coming in and out, your safety needs as far as your children and pets that enter the house through your garage, and so on.

Q: What are the most popular brands of garage doors?

A: Currently, the most popular brands of garage doors are from Chamberlain, Clopay, Amarr and Liftmaster. We install all popular brands of garage doors, so just because you don’t see the brand you want, give us a call and we’re happy to help you.  

Q: What are the most common issues when it comes to garage door repair?

A: Typically, the most common garage door issues we see come in one of three areas: the openers, the track/ components, or the panels themselves. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to proper functionality of garage doors, like rollers, springs, and tracks. If any of these are broken or worn out, your door won’t operate as it should. Same is true for openers, as dirt and debris can enter into the area of your sensors, or some other issue could arise that you don’t think of. Additionally, it is common for panels to need replacing when on garage doors, because accidents happen, like running into the door with your car.

Q: Do you recommend we get a new garage door with smart technology?

A: It depends on what your budget is and what your safety concerns are. Security features like geo-fencing have added a new level of functionality and technology to modern-day garage doors. Most smart doors will connect to your home’s WiFi and some can even enable you to use a security camera to monitor your home’s premises 24 hours a day.

Q: Do you offer gate installations?

A: Yes! In addition to our expert garage door repair services, we install and replace a wide variety of gates for residential and commercial properties. Gates can offer owners an added layer of safety and protection while increasing property values and increasing security.