Garage Door in My Area provides garage door services in Fountain Valley, Ca. We have a team of local professionals and we are available 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week. We have satisfied customers throughout Fountain Valley and we help handle a vast variety of garage door mechanisms, installations, and repairs.

We help service residential, commercial, sectional, one piece garages and roll up garage doors. Call us anytime at (855)553-3667 and we will dispatch our garage door experts to fix your door!

Garage Door in My Area has outstanding service in Fountain Valley for repairs services, installations and more. Our services include:

  • Garage Door Installation – It is important to hire a professional to install a garage door in order to make sure everything functions properly. Our professional installation team will get the job done for you in no time.
  • Garage Door Repair –  It is important to have your garage door repaired at one point or another due to weather elements damaging them, having dents, or if the motor stops functioning properly.
  • Garage Door Opener Repair –  It is important that you make sure your garage door opener is functioning properly if you don’t want to have to open and close your door manually. The opening mechanism that controls the door, as well as the remote, can be affected, which is why we are here to help.
  • Garage Door Spring Repair – The spring in your garage door is an essential part in making your door work properly. There can be a wide range of issues of needing your torsion springs replaced.

Garage Repair Services

garage cable spring repairGarage Door Spring Repair

Garage door springs play a very important role in your garage operating smoothly but they can also be very dangerous. Garage door springs come in many sizes but there are 2 types of springs. The torsion springs are located above the garage door in the center, whereas the extension springs are attached above the tracks on both sides of the garage door. Our technician will see and identify which garage spring your door needs in order to get the job done right.

Garage door repairGarage Door Opener Repair and Installation

In today’s modern world, there are a variety of motor type doors in the market. One of the best brands is the Liftmaster garage door opener. Our garage technicians specialize in all types of garage door opener installations and can point out the garage opener failures associated to them while fixing it.



Garage door springs Huntington BeachGarage Door Cable Repair and Replacement

Garage Door cables should be reliable in order to keep you and your car safe but at times, they might get tangled or loose for several reasons:


  • The opening and closing parts of the motor have become misaligned
  • There are bad tensions on the garage springs
  • There may be an object stuck in the garage door tracks

repair garage door cablesOff Track Garage Door Repair

When a garage door turns out to be unbalanced, it’s due in part of the wheel popping out of the garage door tracks. This occurrence can be really dangerous, as the garage door could fall off and injure someone. If you see your garage door is unbalanced, give us a call immediately and we’ll send one of our dispatchers out to help fix the problem and make your garage feeling like new in no time.