Tips to Keep Pests Out of your Garage

Homeowners often get so caught up in the process of keeping insects and pests out of their home that they forget to keep them out of their garage. If pests like rats, cockroaches, or even ants get into your garage, then they might eventually make their way into your home. So if you wish to avoid such hassles, better take some precautionary steps no ... Read more »

A Look at the Dimensions of Garage Doors

No matter where you live, your home and its architectural style are bound to be influenced by how the rest of the buildings in the neighborhood look. Most people try to fit in because it brings them many benefits. You would normally also prefer that the various outer aspects of your home match each other, and this includes the garage door. However, ... Read more »

How to Protect your Garage from Flooding

As you would probably know, one of the common natural disasters in the United States is flooding. It is crucial to realize the fact that flooding not only endangers the safety of homeowners but it will also result in costly repairs. A recent survey revealed that the average flood loss in the country is estimated to be around 2.7 billion dollars. So ... Read more »

Why Install Wind-Resistant Garage Doors

Installing a wind-resistant garage door is one of the many things you can do to prevent wind damage. Such doors contain a layer of steel at the least, and sometimes more. The thickness of this layer decides how strong a wind the door can endure. If a garage door is impact-resistant, then its track will have a heavier gauge than those of standard ga ... Read more »

How to Make the Garage Safer for your Kids

The garage is not a place you would normally think of as safe for children unless they are being supervised, and it is right to think that way. However, what if you could change that with some small changes to the way you do things? Not only will the kids be free to play in a bigger space indoors, but you could also rest assured of their safety mea ... Read more »