Fiberglass and steel are two of the popular options you can choose when replacing your garage door. However, you would hardly know which is better for you unless you have tried both before, and most people probably have not. You need to focus on a number of factors, such as the garage door spring, but fortunately, we have made that easier with the detailed comparison below.


Fiberglass and steel are both materials that can be made to take on the appearance of other materials, such as wood. That said, fiberglass is slightly more authentic-looking, especially from a short distance. For something that mimics a traditional carriage-style door but discards the need for as much upkeep, fiberglass is an excellent option. Many manufacturers design fiberglass with high definition graining, making the material hard to tell apart from real wood.

Composition and Durability

Steel is strong, long lasting, affordable, and durable. It does not crack or warp like wood does, requires very little maintenance, and is highly energy efficient. If you get an extra-insulated door, you can even keep out drafts, which may otherwise enter through the garage. You can boost the toughness of a steel door by applying special paint that blocks fading, and pushes back the need for a garage door repair technician.

Fiberglass doors have a core of steel and a surface of fiberglass. The combination makes them extremely durable, and able to outlast a steel door by many years. They do not dent easily, and easily resist corrosion and inclement weather. These doors are the most popular choice in coastal areas. They can be made even more durable by applying fiberglass coating on the outside.


Fiberglass is usually more costly than steel, although not as pricy as wood. Steel is the most affordable option on the market. However, note that whatever material you choose, the price will go up with the thickness and durability features.


Both fiberglass and steel can be customized to a large extent and in many ways. You can choose your own color, texture, wood grain, additional hardware, windows, and paneling. In this regard, the two end up on an even keel.


As standard, a fiberglass garage door is insulated as a result of its construction. Installing one lets the homeowner easily reduce cooling and heating costs, not to mention the noise in the home. Steel garage doors can be insulated separately, but that is bound to cost more. In this department, fiberglass wins quite easily.