garage door closing issues

As a homeowner, nothing is worse than having a garage door that won’t close. Cars are trapped inside and life is forced to be put on hold. If this happens to you, the good news is that there are common causes for it and they tend to be relatively easy to fix. Read on to find out the three main reasons for this issue. 

While we always recommend contacting the professionals, many times the issue of a non-functioning garage door can be solved quickly by checking on one of three things. They are as follows. 


One of the main reasons why your garage door won’t close or stay closed is because of your tracks. Be sure to give a thorough check of your garage door tracks and rollers to make sure they are free from dirt, debris, and other obstructions. It is common for leaves to get caught in your tracks and prevent your door from closing. However, often your tracks will need to be repaired by a professional – so be aware of that.


Your garage door sensor is one of the most important parts of your opening system. It prevents the door from crashing down on cars, property, or worse – people. It’s common for sensors to become improperly aligned or for the laser beam to be blocked. This causes your door to constantly open back up, which means it’s performing its function properly. This frustrating issue can be easily remedied by making sure that your garage door sensors are aligned, level, and that their line of sight is unobstructed. 


The limits on your garage door opener are what indicate that your door is open or closed as far as it can. If your garage door limits are off even in the slightest, your door likely won’t close all the way. If this happens, the door will touch the ground then open right back up or will stop before it closes all the way. If this happens, consult your manual for helpful information on how to balance your garage door tracks are aligned so the door functions and closes properly again.

When All Else Fails, Call the Experts

If you can’t get your garage door to close on your own with these three tips, there’s a chance that the issue is more complicated. When this happens, it’s time to call in the experts. The knowledgeable techs here at Garage Door in My Area have decades of experience diagnosing issues with garage doors. 

Additionally, we provide thorough routine maintenance checks that will ensure the prevention of these kinds of headaches. Think of this as the same thing as getting your car regularly maintained. You can save yourself the money and the frustration of a garage door that won’t close by hiring a professional to perform regular checkups

We address all issues with your garage door quickly and at a fair price. Get all of your questions answered or request a free consultation by contacting us today. We look forward to hearing from you.