A garage door contains several moving parts like gears, springs, and chains, which produce slight vibrations and sounds during the opening and closing of the door. These moving parts need constant lubrication to ensure the smooth functioning and preventing wear. Yet with repeated usage, the garage doors can get noisy when opening and closing. It will also become difficult to lift or close the door and might require more force than necessary.

A noisy garage door is the sign of some faulty component or any other issues in the garage door operating mechanism. The following are three reasons why a garage door produces squeaking noise.

Lack of Proper Lubrication

Lubrication is an important requirement for a garage door, as it contains several moving parts like gears, chains, sprockets, and springs. Not having adequate lubrication can make these components become stiff, and generate more friction that increases the wear, while also producing a squeaking noise.

Proper lubrication ensures that the moving parts can function smoothly and prevent any vibrations during opening and closing. Typically, a garage door needs lubrication at least two times each year. This includes applying grease and cleaning the sprockets and chains before putting the lube oil.

Mostly, the other cause of noise is due to worn metal rollers. This is especially the case for rollers that are used for extended periods. If the noise persists even after lubrication, it is better to replace the roller by consulting a professional garage door installation service.

Defective Hinges and Rollers

The hinges and rollers are crucial components of a garage door mechanism. They can wear out over time though, and produce noises during the opening and closing of the garage door. Usually, the defective hinges and rollers rub against the door while opening or closing that makes the squeaking noise.

Loosened nuts and bolts are another reason for squeaking noises from garage doors. Tightening the loose nuts and bolts can resolve the issue of noise to some extent. However, it is always best to rely on a garage door repair service to fully root out the noise.

Unsteady Door

Another reason for squeaking noises from a garage door is due to an improperly balanced door. This can make it difficult to open and close the door while also making a squeaking noise. The door can rub against the sides of the railing when it is not held steady that produces noise and vibrations.

Usually, the repairs involve dismantling the while door unit and assembling it back with proper support. Therefore, it is always recommended to rely on an expert garage door repair service to resolve such issues.