The outside temperatures can get quite hot during the summer and this can make it uncomfortable in your garage. Rising internal temperatures in your garage can result in damages to your vehicles and even to the garage door system itself. Maintaining the most favorable temperature inside the garage is crucial to make it comfortable to work in the garage as well as to protect the things stored in there. There are several ways to cool your garage via both active and passive methods. Described below are five ways to cool the insides of your garage.

Install Fans or Desert Coolers

Cooling your garage involves facilitating good air circulation inside along with proper ventilation. Using air conditioning units can be expensive, but an exhaust or cooler can help in keeping the temperatures in your garage down. Desert coolers are the most effective and positioning them near to the ventilation can help in drawing hot air from the outside and circulate cool air inside your garage.

Insulating the Garage

You can rely on a garage door installation service to insulate the garage walls. This is an effective method because it can act as a barrier to the entry of hot outside air inside the garage. It will help in maintaining a constant temperature inside your garage allowing you to work inside no matter how hot the outside weather.

Paint Lighter Colors

A passive approach to keep your garage cool on the inside is to paint it entirely using lighter colors. Light colors do not absorb in light and have the tendency to reflect heat from the sunlight. It is best to paint your garage in pure white or other light shades to keep away the heat and maintain a consistent temperature inside your garage.

Insulating the Garage Door

The garage door is the most crucial component of your garage and the entry point of the hot and cool air. When replacing your garage door, it is better to use one that comes with insulation and reflective panels. A garage door with insulating materials can keep the heat from entering your garage, thereby making it cooler.

Apply Weather Stripping

Mostly, the hot air enters your garage through the doors and windows. It is best to apply weather stripping and caulking at the windows to seal off any gaps around. Any remaining air leaks around the windows and doors can be easily filled by applying weather stripping and caulking substance.