Homeowners often get so caught up in the process of keeping insects and pests out of their home that they forget to keep them out of their garage. If pests like rats, cockroaches, or even ants get into your garage, then they might eventually make their way into your home. So if you wish to avoid such hassles, better take some precautionary steps now.

Remember, you will be able to put forth a perfect plan to keep pests out of your garage only when you identify the types of pests you will need to watch out for. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not have that skill, and if you fall in that lot too, it will be better to follow the below simple tips to get started.

Keeping Pests Out of the Garage Space

The first thing you need to do is thoroughly clean each and every part of your garage space including the door and windows. A half-eaten chocolate or a forgotten sandwich is enough to draw the attention of rats, ants, and other bugs. However, regularly and thoroughly cleaning your garage will make sure that there are no such food particles left in there.

It is often seen that some homeowners prefer to store food items in their garage as they might be using the garage as a secondary storage room or a makeshift home office. If you are following such a practice, then make sure to store these items in airtight containers. In addition to that, you should also try not to store trashcans in the garage. If you do, ensure that the lid of the trashcan is properly covered.

If you spot any nests of pests while you are cleaning your garage, then you should consider seeking the help of an exterminator. If the nests of bugs or ants look smaller, then all you need to do is to apply some insect repellant to eradicate the pests from your garage. In case of rats, you can use rattraps to get rid of the rodents.

You will also need to conduct a thorough inspection of the walls of your garage. If you see any cracks or gaps in the walls of your garage, get in touch with expert garage door repair technicians and ask them to fix the issue. Fixing such cracks will not only ensure proper weather sealing, but also prevent the entry of bugs and pests into your garage.