For many decades, all the homeowners who were interested in automating their garages just had three options for garage door openers: belt, chain, or screw driven openers. However, things have changed a lot now with the introduction of the residential direct drive and jackshaft model openers. Let us delve into the details of some of the types of openers available at garage door openers Santa Ana stores. You can seek the help of best garage door repair service Santa Ana technicians to upgrade the opener of your garage door.

Standard Openers

This section includes the chain driven, belt driven, and the screw driven garage door openers. Chain driven models feature a chain that pulls or pushes a trolley that connects to a J-arm connected to the door.

Belt driven models also use the same mechanism of the chain driven system, but make use of a belt in place of the chain. The belt can be made of polyurethane, fiberglass, or steel reinforced rubber. Belt driven openers usually cost more than the chain driven openers.

In case of the screw driven openers, a trolley rides on a threaded steel rod with the rotation of the motor rod. This design feature few moving parts, therefore it needs only less maintenance when compared to the other types of garage door opener systems.

Jackshaft and Direct-Drive Garage Door Openers

Unlike other openers, jackshaft openers can be mounted on a wall near the garage door. The opener features a 24-volt DC motor that drives cables and pulleys to turn the torsion bar to pull up the garage door. Reversing the motion of the motor will loosen the cable to lower the garage door. This system is very quiet and can keep the ceiling free for any overhead storage.

Direct drive openers are the quietest of all types of garage door openers, as the only moving part in this type of opener is the motor. The motor travels along a stationary chain embedded on an overhead rail and a J-arm connects the motor to the garage door. These units cost almost the same as the belt driven units.

DC-Powered Garage Door Openers

DC-powered garage door openers are faster, quieter, smaller, and smoother to operate when compared to the AC powered openers. Different models of variable speeds are available in DC-powered garage door opener with soft stop and soft start features. The best part of these openers is that they can be easily equipped with battery backup systems.

Latest garage door opener units also offer an integrated battery with the motor housing. These integrated batteries can ensure normal working of the garage doors for up to two days without power. Integrated batteries can also ensure continued operation of garage lighting, safety alerts, and security.