Garage Door Repair Experts
  • 1. Your Garage Door Is Stuck

A door getting stuck is one of the most common repair issues that homeowners experience. There are various potential reasons for this occurrence. It could be your garage door cables, springs, openers, and so one. You should contact a garage door repair technician immediately to diagnose and fix the issue. A stuck garage door is not only an inconvenience, but it’s also a potential security hazard that could lead to someone breaking into your home if you aren’t careful.

  • 2. Garage Door Cable is Broken

Each garage door has its own cables, depending on what kind you have in your home. Retaining and lift cables are heavy duty and are made from galvanized wire. A well-made garage door cable will last for a while, but they don’t last forever and will need to be replaced at one point or another. Therefore, it can possibly break at any given time. If your garage door cable is making strange noises and you think it might break, get an expert to your home immediately. A crashing door can cause some serious damage to your door, your property inside or even some injuries.

  • 3. Your Door Won’t Close Fully

If your garage door won’t shut, this could be for a number of different reasons. A door that is even slightly open can cause animals to enter your garage, weather to damage your property, and so on. Don’t be tempted to DIY to fix a door that won’t close. Get it addressed by a professional. 

  • 4. Broken Garage Door Springs

Another one of the most common reasons for needing garage door repair occurs in the springs of your garage door. The majority of today’s modern garage doors usually have torsion springs that take the bulk of the weight of the door when opening and closing. Larger doors might have two, or smaller ones might just have one spring. Your springs hold a tremendous amount of weight and under a significant amount of pressure on a daily basis, depending on your traffic in and out of your garage. The need for regularly replacing your garage door springs is normal. Your garage door repair expert will be able to answer your questions as to how long the springs on your individual garage door should last normally.  

  • 5. You Are In Need of Garage Door Opener Repair 

Just as your garage door has many different moving parts which include your opener, your garage door opener itself is intricate and contains many moving parts. Openers are either chain drive or belt drive, and are highly complex and could be the most expensive part of your garage door. You might be sensing a common theme here, but be sure to contact a garage door repair professional if you detect a problem with your garage door opener.

Trust the Garage Door Repair Experts

If you find yourself in need of any of the above garage door repair services, be sure to contact an expert. Yes, you could try to do the garage door repair yourself, but that could lead to further costs – or worse, injuries. Feel free to give Garage Doors in My Area a call for a free quote or to get your garage door repair questions answered.