garage door stuck

As most homeowners can attest to, a garage door becoming stuck is a very common occurrence. Fortunately, there are only about a handful of reasons why your garage door can become stuck, and they mostly have simple fixes. Here are the five most common reasons your garage door will become stuck, and how to fix them. 

Debris in the Garage Door Track

One of the most common reasons that garage doors get stuck is because debris will get caught in their tracks and obstruct their movement. Debris like leaves and dirt can be caught in the pathway of the door, causing a disturbance in the movement of pushing, pulling, and sliding. If your door is stuck, one of the first things to do is to check if you have debris in the tracks.

Cold Weather Obstruction

For those of us who live in colder climates, winter weather can cause doors to get stuck. Ice accumulation is the most common culprit of obstruction for garage doors during cold winters. Be sure that your garage door track and other components are free from ice and frozen materials, as below freezing temperature can cause these components to wear faster than they should.

Broken Springs or Cables

Your garage door system is made up of a complex system of cables, springs, and pulleys that must work in conjunction together to open and close properly. This system generates a lot of force required to open and close doors smoothly, as these garage doors can weigh 150 pounds or more. If your garage door becomes stuck and nothing is obstructing its path, keep an eye on the springs and cable and make sure they are not becoming stuck and losing their durability. If this happens to one aspect of your door, it can impact the rest of your door and cause unnecessary wear and tear to sensitive components. 

The Door is Not Aligned Properly 

If your garage door rollers are misaligned, this can cause your door to get stuck. Its operation will also tend to be very noisy, which is also an indication of a malfunctioning garage door. Be sure that your rollers are on their proper tracks so your door can operate smoothly again.

Lubricate Tracks

In addition to the above issues, your garage lock might be engaged, your garage door might be damaged, or you might need to lubricate your tracks. If you need to lubricate the tracks, this can hinder the smooth operation of the garage door. We have much content here on our blog related to lubricating tracks properly to ensure your door works the way it should.

Trust the Garage Door Specialists

While the above solutions might get you by in a pinch, there’s no substitute for a garage door specialist. The professionals here at Garage Door in My Area are ready to quickly diagnose and work on any issue you might have. Call or click today for a free quote.