Garage door rollers play an important part in the smooth working of your garage door. These rollers are available in a number of sizes, shapes, and materials. The popularly used ones are the Steel Truck Door Roller, Sealed Nylon Roller with Zinc Plated Stem, Steel Roller with Zinc Stem, and Sealed Nylon Roller with Stainless Steel Stem.

It is important to replace the old and worn out rollers with the right type of rollers that suits well with the track of your garage door. It can be a confusing job for you to find the right type of roller for your garage door tracks, especially when you don’t know what to look for. An expert garage door repair service Fountain Valley technician will be able to inspect and replace the roller of your garage door easily.

While looking to buy replacement garage door rollers Fountain Valley, you will need to understand two primary things – first, the actual dimensions of the roller, and second, its purpose. The steps to measure the garage door roller and choose the right material for garage door rollers are explained below.

Diameter and Stem Length

In the garage door industry, the roller diameters are fairly standard. The rollers are available in diameters of one inch, two inch, or three inches. You can measure the diameter of the roller by placing a ruler across the face of it. Apart from the diameter, you will also have to measure the length of the stem of the roller. You can measure the full length of the stem up to where the roller is attached to it.

Stem and Roller Materials

The material used to make the garage door rollers and the stem can vary depending on a lot of things. Technicians from the best garage door repair service Fountain Valley say that each of the material has its own advantage and disadvantage, and clearly understanding your necessities, priorities, and expectations will help you select the roller that can best serve you.

Obviously, the life of the roller will depend on the material used to make it. Your priority while choosing rollers should be finding rollers that can support the weight of the garage door. For that, you will need to find out the material that your current garage door rollers are made of. However, if you plan to upgrade your garage door, you will have to replace the rollers with ones that can handle the weight of the new door.