Looking for the best garage door repair service in Newport Beach? Garage Door in My Area is an efficient garage repair service provider that can help you with all your commercial or residential garage door repair needs.

Your garage door may stop working suddenly, and it can be an extremely frustrating situation if you were going somewhere in a hurry. There are many components in a garage door that can fail anytime due to some mechanical issues, leading to malfunctioning of the garage door. Garage door sensors are one such part, which can fail all of a sudden and lead to improper functioning of your garage door. However, you can get the issue resolved in no time with the help of the best garage door repair service in Newport Beach.

Repair and Replacement of Garage Door Sensors in Newport Beach

Sensors in garage doors are safety devices to prevent the door from closing on cars, people, or objects. These sensors are usually located above the floor at each side of the door and make a low voltage beam. You can notice many symptoms when the sensors of the garage door are faulty and some of the problems can be fixed by simply cleaning the sensors. However, you should contact Garage Door in My Area immediately, if your ‘troubleshooting’ attempts do not correct the problems with the garage door sensor.

Cleaning and Adjusting the Sensors

You can remove dust and dirt from the electric eye lenses and then try opening and closing the garage door. If it is not working properly, you need to adjust the sensors. Only trained experts who have enough expertise in handling garage door sensors Newport Beach should do the adjustment, or else it can damage the sensor.

Our expert technicians will adjust the sensor in no time, and check if your garage door is working properly. If the door works properly without any problems, you are good to go. However, if it is not, the garage door sensors need to be replaced. Garage Door in My Area also provides replacements of garage door sensors in Newport Beach.

Our expert technicians can handle repair and maintenance jobs of every make and model of garage door openers and sensors. We are a 24/7 emergency garage door repair service which you can call anytime; we guarantee that all your issues will be dealt in a timely manner.