Garage door springs plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of the garage door. Springs bear a lot of tension to smoothly open and close the door. Dealing with any issue related to the door springs must be done by only a professional because of the risk involved in DIY. Being safe with the garage door springs

If you find any problem while opening and closing of the garage door it might be because of some issue with the springs of the door. Do yourself a favor and do not try to fix any issue with the garage door springs yourself. Let an experienced technician deal with it otherwise more than good you can damage the door and also you can put your safety and security at risk.

You might be having complete technical knowledge about the door and its parts but you will not be having enough experience to handle such a dangerous part of the door yourself. If you are thinking about saving any money then please think over it again since just one wrong move can cost you more than double the expenses that were supposed to be. So it is always wise to consult a reliable company when it comes to the springs of the door and be safe and secure.

Types of the springs

There are two types of springs:
Torsion springs: They are attached on the rod which is there above the garage door and they provide extra lifting force for the door to open smoothly. This saves you some energy. Handling them without any professional help can be extremely dangerous.Extension springs: They are along the horizontal part of the track on both the sides. They are used to balance the weight of the door when it is opened or closed.

How to discover that the springs are not in a proper balance

Once you discover that the door is not opening and closing smoothly you can try to operate the door manually by pulling the cord attached to the arm that connects to the rail trolley system to the door. If the problem still persists then it is a sign that the springs are out of balance and you need to call an experienced company for fixing the garage door springs.

Garage Door Spring Brackets

Garage door springs brackets are on the bottom of the garage door. Latest models of the doors have got tamper resistant brackets which provide safety to a certain extent. But, just like the springs, the brackets are also under a lot of tension as well and therefore if there is any concern with the brackets, it also
needs to be fixed by a professional. Having the basic knowledge about the springs of the door is important. However, in spite of having the basic or complete technical knowledge you must not take any risk.