A modern garage door can last on to 20 years on average, although regular maintenance is needed to ensure it continues to work properly. The summer is when you get to perform maintenance activities most easily, and there are quite a few of these you can carry out without the need of assistance from an expert, unlike garage door torsion spring repair.

Check the Hardware

This is the foremost and easiest step, which you can take to ensure a long lifespan for your garage door. Look for wear and tear that may have happened over the previous year. Run your eyes over the visible parts and see if there are hinges loose, tracks misaligned, or bolts missing. For the bolts, tighten the ones that are loose, replace any missing ones. Consider getting garage door repair done if it is needed.

Lubricate the Hardware

This is a big step towards keeping your garage door serviceable. Additionally, it will eliminate the chance of loud noises when the door opens or closes. Use 3 in 1 type oil to do this; grease is a no-no.

Wash the Garage Door

The overall look of your garage door can be improved drastically by washing it in the summer. You can remove a lot of the dirt from it this way, as well as any grime and grease that has accumulated. Use mild detergent and water for aluminum and steel surfaces.

Apply New Paint

Applying a fresh coat of paint after washing certainly will not do any harm. Use this chance to decide whether you want the same color as before, or something new that makes the whole thing pop.


Insulating the garage door when you have a chance in summer will definitely pay off once you move on into the colder months, and before that as well. During summer, it can keep the heat out so that your AC works better. Not only does this work for the garage, but also for the living spaces situated directly above.

Reinforce the Garage Door

This is highly beneficial in areas where there is a high probability of hurricanes and weather extremes. Ensure there are not any holes in the door, and that the reinforcement is done properly. If things take a bad turn weather-wise, this can protect the door from the worst of the damage.

Remove Rust

Any visible rust on steel doors can be removed by sanding. Follow this up with applying a primer, and then painting on top of the outer latex.