aluminum gates

If you are in the market for a driveway gate to your residential home or ranch property, you may have come across the debate between aluminum and steel driveway gates. Which is better? The short answer is there are pros and cons to both. The longer answer requires us to break down the information a bit more. This article will give you some important information to consider when you’re in the process of buying a driveway gate.

Which Material is Stronger?

Generally speaking, aluminum and steel are both metals. In other applications and industries, steel tends to be the stronger material. However, this does not mean that your steel driveway gate will last longer than your neighbor’s aluminum one. If we are talking about which material is more secure and will prevent someone from breaking through, things get different. 

Basically, it comes down much more to other materials for your gate than it does the type of metal. Whether your gate is secure or stronger than another depends mostly on the sum of its parts: like the locking mechanisms, hinges, and posts. These stress areas are much more likely to fail before the steel gate is. Largely, the longevity of your gate will depend on how well it’s made, how well you upkeep it, and the climate in which or live. The truth is aluminum gates are just as strong as steel gates.

Which Material Better Prevents Rust?

Many styles of modern-day gates feature a rustic-type pattern as part of the design. This is commonly referred to as a ‘rust patina’ style. For other types of gate designs, rust can wreak havoc and actually ruin otherwise beautiful projects. If you live in an area where corrosion is an issue (like much of our clientele in the greater Los Angeles area), the rust patina may be an attractive option. 

Specific types of steel, like Corten steel, for instance, were designed to withstand corrosion and prevent rust over long periods in locales close to salt water. Naturally, these special types of steel are more expensive than regular steel. For the majority of residential gate customers, either an aluminum or steel door will last them a decade or more, providing rust-free home security while adding a beautiful part to your home. 

Trust the Garage Door Experts 

Hiring residential gate specialists like the ones here at Garage Door in My Area can help make your gate last for the lifetime of your home. If you need gate services in the Bay Area, we are here to help. Your residential gate is a major investment and one of the most important parts of your home, and should never be taken lightly. 

As such, the experts here at Garage Door in My Area offer upfront pricing, comprehensive service, free consultations, and emergency services that can often be addressed within 24 hours. For a no-obligation consultation on whether to repair or replace, give us a call today. Or if you prefer, fill out the form on our website and we will get back to you ASAP.