Garage Door maintenance

Garage doors are an essential part of our homes. It is one of the most used pieces of a document in our household. Garage door mechanisms look relatively simple but trust me it is not.  A door that opens with a push of a button does not look that complex. The thing you do not know that there are 300 small parts working together to make those rollers and arms work to lift that garage door. If you have ever seen a set of garage door springs you will know how heavy it is. Therefore, you should never try to fix your garage door by yourself. Being one of the best garage door service we understand the risk factors.

A garage door works using a set of heavy springs to operate. A conventional garage door weighs about 500 pounds so you can understand the amount of potential energy these springs hold. Therefore, if these springs get released somehow it imposes a huge danger and can cause serious injury or even death. Therefore, you should not even try to fix your garage doors by yourself. Call a professional service to get the necessary repairs as they use special tools and they know the techniques to safely release the tension in the springs and do the necessary repairs.

While you need a professional to do major repairs like replacing panels or springs or rollers of the garage door there are some basic maintenance and inspections you can do yourself. By doing this you can spot problems in advance and get it fixed before the problem gets serious. You can save a lot of money by noticing a problem in advance. In this article, I have listed a few maintenance tasks you can do by yourself.


You should lubricate your garage door on a regular basis to avoid creaky or noisy doors as they are an unnecessary annoyance and not lubricating your garage door on a regular basis can lead to problems that are more serious. Do not use a WD-40 to lubricate your garage door springs. WD-40 might be very slippery but it will not last very long.

Replacing Weather Seals:

Weather seals are soft and short pieces made of rubber or plastic that is fixed at the bottom and on the sides of the garage door. When your garage door comes down the flexible weather seal is pressed against the floor and against the walls in the side to protect your garage from outside moisture and air. The weather seals can last from 5 to 10 years depending on your climate. As these get worn over time these can no longer do its work properly. So these weather seals need to be replaced after a period of time. Make sure to cut off and take a short piece of your weather seal to the store to find one that will fit on your door.

Realigning Garage Door Sensors:

Every garage door uses sensors to detect if the door is completely open or properly closed or if there is an obstruction in the path stopping the garage door from closing. If the sensors are off alignment then your garage door might not function properly. You will find the sensors at the bottom and top of the door. You can align them yourself to make sure they are working properly and don’t need a professional for this.