A property with a garage generally fetches a higher price than one without, and if you are living in it, provides space and convenience, not to mention security for your vehicles. Most garages do not live up to the potential offered by the extra floor space, and this usually has to do with a less-than-appealing garage door. Let us take a look at the carriage house style door, and the points consider before choosing this option, aside from the ease of garage door installation.

What is a Carriage House Style?

Modeled after carriage doors of old, this garage door style brings a classic charm that most other styles cannot seem to muster. There are two doors, along with small windows and decorative hardware. The windows enhance the look, making the home look beautiful form that side.


It is foolish to overlook the insulation of your garage door, especially if you get a lot of harsh weather in your area. The garage door can be insulated in many ways, including thorough the use of spray foam insulation. You would definitely see the benefits in the winter, when the cold air needs to be kept out to prevent excessive heating expense.


Security is a huge part of home improvement, affecting the exterior of the home in a big way. This is not just important to keep out burglars, but also to protect the garage doors from damage that can be caused by the elements. The bigger the door, the harder its components would be hit during inclement weather, and this fact necessitates careful consideration of the different elements present in it.


The material your garage door is made out of will majorly decide its stability, security, and energy-efficiency. There are four main options to pick from – steel, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum. Steel doors are known for their durability and affordability, and although this material can dent, it will not crack or warp. It needs little in the way of maintenance. Next comes wood, which delivers a traditional look that appeals to the eye. It costs more, and can sometimes bring in the need for emergency garage door repair.

Aluminum is a popular choice among homeowners looking to make a bold statement, and is stylish, although prone to denting. Lastly, you have fiberglass, which offers the best of all aspects except cost: durability, lightness, need for maintenance, and insulation. Fiberglass is often the most practical option available.