popular garage doors

When deciding which garage door is the perfect one for your home, there are many factors to consider. While your garage door must be unique to your home, there are some things you can learn from understanding what some of the most popular garage doors are? 

Options for garage doors have never been more abundant. Homeowners who installed new garage doors have selected material, a color, brand name, windows, and so on. Here are some of the most popular garage door options.


Do you want a wooden garage door, a metal one, or perhaps a stylish glass one? When it comes to the type of material for your garage door, the most popular is still steel. With steel garage doors, you can rest assured they are durable and will keep out any precipitation.


The most popular style of door tends to rise from the bottom. However, carriage house-style garage doors seem to be making a comeback. These elegant doors open in the middle and are a throwback to the old days when similar doors were used to store horse-drawn carriages.


While there are many different colors of garage doors, white is the most popular. White is the most versatile and classic of colors and will match with just about any home. Additionally, when you choose a white door, it’s easier and more practical to paint a new color than it is if you were to choose a bold color to start. 

Garage Door Type

The most popular type of newer garage doors are sectional, meaning they are made up of panes that connect and roll up on tracks to open and roll down to close. Roll-up garage doors are less common but are still seen in many homes. Roll-up doors use one piece of material that will roll up on tracks while opening. 

Overhead garage doors are popular, but not as common as sectional doors. Overhead doors are constructed with one piece of material that will swing up on hinges when opened. A one-piece type of door is perhaps the least common but is made with a single piece of material that easily slides open on garage door tracks

Garage Door Installation

Which garage door installation company is the most popular? This is a question that we cannot answer, but we can tell you that the professionals at Garage Door in My Area have decades of experience installing and repairing garage doors in the Southern California area. We have answers to any questions you may have about the type, model, color, style, and brand of your garage door. 

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