Torsion springs are one of the most important parts of your garage door and any sort of damages or issues to this part of your door can affect the normal functioning of the garage door. Torsion springs of your garage door take the weight off the motor and help you to easily close and open the garage door panels.

However, most garage owners pay less attention to these parts and they fail to maintain them properly, which can significantly affect the lifetime of these units and cause them to break. If you wish to avoid such kind of hassles, then you must get in touch with the experts who deal with garage door torsion conversions Garden Grove and ask them to thoroughly inspect all parts of your garage door. This will help you to easily identify the issues and resolve them as soon as possible.

Most of the modern torsion springs available in the market usually last for approximately 10,000-15,000 cycles, which mean that they will last for 3 to 7 years. However, if your home is located in a coastal area, then the presence of salt air might significantly cut down the life of your torsion springs. Yet, you will be still able to counter the issues through thorough and regular garage door maintenance.

In most cases, you will be able to hear a loud bang from your garage door when the torsion springs break. In addition to that, you might also be able to see grease right on the roof of the garage. If you hear any such sound, or if you feel that the torsion springs of your garage door are not in good working condition, then don’t try to fix the issue on your own.

If you try to lift your garage door with a damaged or broken spring, it might come back at you in a flash and cause you hazardous injuries. Therefore, it is best to seek the help of the best garage door repair service Garden Grove and ask them to fix the issue.

The expert garage door technicians will initially release the tension in the cables before replacing the cables to fix the issue. In addition to that, they will also inspect your garage door and its parts to ensure that they all are in good working condition.