You might be already aware that your garage door opens and closes with the help of a set of tension cables. When the garage door is operating without any issues, it implies that the springs in the cable assembly are working fine and they are helping the door to move a lot more smoothly. However, if the garage door cables are not in good working condition, you will eventually find it difficult to operate your garage door.

Most of the modern garage door cables available on the market are made from thin wires that are galvanized and wrapped together. They are usually 7 to 10 feet long and you will be easily able to find the right type of garage door cable for your garage door even without much research. However, your choice of garage door cable should depend on whether you are using extension springs or torsion springs on your garage door.

No one likes to deal with a broken garage door but it is something that happens to us at some point in our life. However, conducting proper inspection and maintenance of all parts of your garage door is critical because they significantly increase the life of your garage door. Therefore, those who are not able to swiftly and smoothly operate their garage door should get in touch with experts who deal with garage door cables Garden Grove and conduct a thorough inspection of the system.

Some of the most common symptoms of broken garage door cables are as follows.

No Movement

A detached or loose garage door cable automatically triggers a safety mechanism, which prevents the garage door from moving. Obstructions in the track or broken springs are usually the culprits behind this issue.

Uneven Movement

If your garage door is slanting up to a side, then it will be most probably due to the misalignment of the garage door cables. You will be easily able to identify the issue with a quick inspection of the rails.

Fast Movement

If any one of the garage door cables or springs were broken, then the garage door would be moving a lot more speedily. However, you won’t want your heavy garage door to open or close at a rapid pace, as this might endanger the safety of your family members.

If your garage door keeps on exhibiting any such symptoms, it is wiser to get in touch with the best garage door repair service Garden Grove for help before things get worse.