A garage door is designed to slide smoothly upwards when a force is applied. Several of its internal parts work together for ensuring that the door works normally. However, repeated usage of the doors can often lead to certain issues that prevent the proper opening or closing of the garage door. Some of these issues might even happen due to improper garage door installation, which is why it is always better to contact the best garage door technician for the job.

There are many reasons for a garage door to malfunction. Identifying them will help to carry out the necessary repairs and maintain the normal functioning of the doors. Below are 5 reasons why garage doors malfunction.

Broken Springs

Garage doors use high torsion springs for providing the required force needed to open and close the door panels. In fact, there are many such springs in a garage door assembly, such as overhead torsion spring and secondary spring. Any damages or breakage in these springs can hinder the garage door from opening or closing completely. Moreover, wearing out of even one spring can lead to misalignment of the door, thus preventing it from closing.


Any kind of blockages can prevent the garage door from opening or closing perfectly. There might be any blocks in the railings that meddle with the functioning of the garage doors. Besides, when such issues occur, it is better to check the surrounding areas of the door to find out if any external objects are causing the blocking the free movement of the door.

Issues with the Safety Sensor

Issues with the safety sensors are another reason for garage doors to function improperly. These sensors are located at the bottom of the garage door to detect any blockages in the path. Any malfunctioning of these sensors such as due to lack of power supply or signal can prevent the garage door from closing down as a part of a safety measure.

Track Damages

The track is a major component of a garage door that ensures its smooth and guided action. Damages like bent, warp, or rust can prevent the smooth opening and closing action of the doors. Resolving this issue requires either fixing the bends or warps or going for a full replacement of the track.

Damages to the Cables

Some garage doors use cables for aiding in its lowering action. Any damages or wear in these cables can result in their inability to perform the full action. Damaged cables can become loosened as well and prevent the door from closing properly.