Torsion springs are very important part of a garage door and help to open and close the door panels easily by taking the weight off the motor. However, gradual wear and tear, together with salt corrosion in the coastal areas, can break these springs, which is oftentimes accompanied by a loud bang.

When the torsion spring of the garage becomes weak and corroded, they can become very much dangerous and should be replaced immediately. If you find that the torsion conversion spring of your garage door is corroded, you need to get help from professionals who deal with garage door torsion conversions Tustin to replace the spring with a good quality system.

Torsion Springs Lifecycle

An average torsion spring can last for about 10,000-15,000 cycles, which can be from three to seven years. However, if you live near to the sea, there are chances are that the torsion springs of your garage will have a decreased life. This is because the salt present in the air can lead to corrosion of the springs. Poor garage door maintenance or loose tracks can also lead to a decline in the life of the torsion spring.

You should never try to replace the torsion spring of your garage door on your own, as it can be very much dangerous without the proper tools and experience. Always call the best garage door repair service Tustin to replace a broken garage door torsion spring. The professional will release the spring tension before replacing it to finish the process safely.

How to Find if your Garage Door Torsion Spring is Broken

Normally, the torsion springs might take years to break. You will hear a loud bang from the garage when the spring breaks. You might also see grease on the roof of the garage when the spring breaks. In addition, the opener of the garage will struggle to lift the door or it might cut halfway, as when the spring breaks, the door will lose half of its recoiling power and the door will be too heavy for the motor to lift.

To check if the torsion spring is working properly, release the door to manual mode when it is all way down and see if you can lift the door. If you are unable to lift it, the springs might be faulty. In that case, get help from an experienced technician to check and replace the springs.