People usually spend a good share of their time in their garages, especially if they use the space for any other purposes besides storing things. In most cases, homeowners fail to realize the importance of garage door insulation, which means that the garage space will become very hot or cold during extreme climatic conditions. As a result, despite cleaning the garage frequently and installing the best garage door system, you will not be able to use them during winter or summer.

However, you can still turn your garage space into a comfortable and hospitable workplace. In fact, there are many ways to achieve this, and below are some of the best ideas to make your garage temperature proof. This way, you will be able to work easily in the garage during harsh weather.

Insulate Everything

The primary step you must take is to insulate everything such as walls, doors, and windows. It is the best to start with your walls; regular insulation method will be ideal for this. In case of the garage door, weather-strip it properly, and apply caulking to the doors and windows. In addition to that, give caulking to the area around the pipes, ceiling, and electrical sockets as well.

A common problem seen in heated garages is the excess humidity buildup. You can tackle this by applying a moisture barrier to the walls, floors, etc. You can get in touch with a garage door repair service to know how to do that.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

There should be enough airflow inside the garage so that you can work well without any suffocation, especially during summertime. For this, use exterior vents that are common in most of the garages these days. Otherwise, simply position the garage doors opposite to the windows and leave the doors and windows open when you are working in there. Installing an overhead fan and exhaust fan is also a great way to ensure proper airflow inside the garage.

Paint the Garage Doors

It is a known fact that a dark color tends to absorb more sunlight when compared to the lighter shades. So, if you apply dark colored paint on the doors, your garage is more likely to become “steam chambers” during summer. To avoid this, always use light colors to paints your garage doors.

The best options for this will be to use beige or white paint, as these shades will reflect the sunlight rather than absorbing it. Other than that, use an awning or sunshades to cover the garage doors from scorching sunlight in summer. If you live in an area that usually has cold climate, these things will be the other way around; that is, painting the doors with dark colors will help to keep the garage interior warm and cozy.