Garage doors are one of the most important parts of almost every home these days. These entrance doors are expected to ensure the safety of both your family and property. However, these are also one of the weakest points of the home, through which intruders can easily break in. Apart from being one of the vulnerable entry points, it is also easier for the criminals to hide in the garage space. All these issues can be tackled if you take necessary steps to secure your garage doors properly. Below are some of the best ways to secure your garage doors from hackers.

  • If you are using a remote control in order to operate the garage doors, upgrade it to a keychain remote opener, so that you can always keep it with you.
  • Most people keep the garage door remote with them while traveling. Never leave the remote in your car; if any thief breaks into your car and steals the remote, he can easily access the garage door and will get a way into your house.
  • Do not overlook the garage door security issues as a mere nuisance. People generally skip putting a deadbolt on the door between the garage and their house out of sheer laziness. This slight negligence can lead to great danger though; hence, you should always use a deadbolt.
  • While purchasing garage doors, be vigilant to choose the sturdier and the hardest one available, preferably one that is made of steel or any hardcore wood. Additionally, install an anti-kick device on the door so that the burglars will not be able to breach the doorway.
  • Install a peephole in the door between the garage and the home, so that you can look through it when you find something fishy going on outside. This way, you can also take the necessary action in time. Take care to make the peephole wide enough to offer a good view of your garage. You can also install a home security camera at the front of the garage door for better security.
  • Always keep your windows covered; you can do this by using curtains or by frosting the windows. This will ensure that thieves do not get a good view of what is in the garage.
  • Do not ignore it when it comes to the maintenance of the mechanical parts of your garage doors. Roll up garage doors are more likely to get corroded if you do not maintain them well. Furthermore, check for all the important parts of your garage door such as locks, frames, hinges, and other replaceable items, every month.