residential gate opener

Many homeowners view gate openers as a luxury item, and not a necessity for their homes. However, this is not the case, as gate openers add a multitude of benefits to every residential home. These include, but are not limited to increasing the security of your home, making home life easier, and increasing your property value. 

What Is a Gate Opener?

Before we explain why gate openers are necessary for your property, let’s describe what they are. When a technician installs an electric gate for your home, it will be operated, meaning opened and closed with an electronic mechanism. 

This can be either a code that you type into the entrance of the gate, a remote control, or a number you dial from an authorized phone. The most common of these tend to be remote controls, much like those for a garage door. 

There is an exciting new technology that will remotely detect a laser mark or other identifying mark that will allow your gate to open and close after confirming it on a vehicle or elsewhere.

With this in mind, here are five specific reasons why gate openers are necessary for your home. 

Keeps Out Intruders

With a new gate opener, there is less of a chance of intruders coming onto your property. Naturally, intruders on your property aren’t limited to other humans. A quality gate will help keep rodents and other critters off your front lawn.

No Need to Get Out of Your Vehicle

With a residential gate, you no longer have to get in and out of your vehicle every time you come and go. For those who don’t have gates, this might seem trivial, but it can get frustrating to have to get out of your car and open your gate before and after every trip.

Increased Layer of Security

It’s not an impenetrable force field, but a quality gate can add a layer of security that your garage door does not have. This layer of security can buy you precious time in the event of a break-in or intruder.

Beautifies Your Home Even More

Whether you have a swing gate, a sliding gate, or a rolling gate, a quality gate for your residential property can beautify your home even more than it already is. A good gate installation company will help your home sparkle with a new gate.

Increases Property Value

Last but definitely not least, a quality gate will increase your property value, in the same way, that a quality garage door can. A well-installed and properly maintained gate can definitely boost the resale value of just about any home or residential property. 

Trust the Electric Gate Experts

At Garage Door In My Area, we have many years of experience installing and maintaining residential garage doors and electric gates. If you’re in the market to install one of these home-beautifying projects on your property, we’d love to hear from you. 

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