garage door replacement

We get many questions from our great customers about whether they should repair or replace their garage door. We always want to see our customers get the most out of their garage door investments. We encourage repairs and maintenance on doors wherever possible. 

However, there are some clear indicators and signs that your garage door should be replaced immediately. These signs not only indicate that your garage door is close to or already not functioning, but more importantly, it means that your door is presenting a possible safety hazard. 

Without further ado, here are 5 signs that you must replace your garage door: 

Your Garage Door is Just Old

This one is straightforward. One of the biggest values that your garage door brings is curb appeal and the increase in your property. An old outdated garage door just does not look as appealing as new doors do. While new coats of paint can go a long way, these patch-up jobs only go so far – especially if you are trying to sell your home.

On top of this, if your garage door is old, you are putting your family at risk by not upgrading to a new and improved one. The security feature of today’s modern garage doors is night and day in comparison to old ones. Smart features like opening and closing from anywhere, custom individual keycodes, and so much more were not available in old doors.

Your Home Has Been Broken Into

Thieves and robbers typically have little hesitation to break into a house that has an old door. These doors appear weak and can be broken into easier than newer, sturdier doors. 

Doors can be disengaged and opened manually, and the older the garage door, the easier this is to do. The best way to prevent break-ins is to install the best garage door with the best security features. This increases both your family’s safety and your home’s property value.

Your Garage Door Is Not Functioning Properly

Sudden issues are easily repaired, but major problems that don’t get addressed for months probably mean you need a new replacement door immediately. As a homeowner, you know garage doors have many heavy moving parts that move hundreds of times without issues.

However, the smallest of issues can compound if not functioning properly. Repeatedly opening and closing a damaged or ill-functioning door can cause irreversible damage and will require you to purchase a new door altogether.

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