program garage door opener

If you’ve just had a new garage door installed in your home, you are probably wondering how to operate it. One of the first things to do is to learn how to use your universal remote. You may think operating the remote is based on a lot of complicated tech, but it’s easy to learn. This short guide will give you pointers on how to set up your LiftMaster 37UT, 890Max, 893Max, or 895Max 811LM and 813 LM garage door remote.

LiftMaster 375UT

To install this garage door safely and properly, be sure to start with the door closed. To help you get started installing your universal remote on your LiftMaster 375UT,  we have outlined the instructions in these easy to follow steps:

  • Pull down the cover on the battery of your remote. Press down on the program button and hold it for two seconds. You will know it’s ready when the light at the top of the remote comes on.
  • Press the Smart/ Learn button on the garage door opener itself. 
  • Press the opener button on your garage door remote. When you do this, you should see the light on the remote stop flashing. Continuously press and release the button to ensure that the light stops flashing every time you press it. 
  • Continue pressing and releasing the button until you see or hear an indicator that the garage door is connected. This indicator may be a beep, a light, or the indicator may be the door itself opening and closing. Each remote is programmed to connect itself to the garage door system after a specific number of button presses. This number never goes past 18.
  • Once you get the indication the remote is connected, complete the process by pressing the program button on the remote again and closing the remote.

LiftMaster 890Max, 893Max, and 895Max

  • To get started programming this kind of garage door, press the program button on the remote until you see the light turn on.
  • Select the button you’d like to program for your garage door and press it. You might have to press it up to four times, depending on your specific door. One press is for the Security+ 2.0 feature, two presses are for the 315 MHz Security+ feature, three presses for the 390MHz Security+ feature, and four presses for the 390 MHz Billion Code feature.
  • To exit the programming mode, press any other button on the remote. 
  • On your garage door opener itself, press the learn button. 
  • Press the button you programmed in a previous step. Keep pressing the button until you get your indicator that the remote is connected to the door. You will know that the programming is complete when you hear a beep, a light go on, or the door goes up and down repeatedly.


  • Programming the LiftMaster 811LM and 813 LM is one of the easiest processes for garage door openers on the market today. Simply press the learn button on your receive so it selects the appropriate channel. When the receiver learns the channel, it should light up for 30 seconds. 
  • While the light is flashing for 30 seconds, keep holding the button on the remote that you would like to program. When you see your chosen channel blink then go off, you know the programming process is complete.


You’re Ready to Enjoy Your New Garage Door

Setting up and programming your remote for your LiftMaster garage door is one of the last steps you have to do before enjoying your new door. Always make sure everything is installed properly. If you need garage door installation or maintenance services, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Garage Door in My Area.