program Genie Garage Door Remote

Having a Genie garage door opener installed is most often a good decision. As soon as your door is installed, you are probably ready to start using it. However, you must first program your opener correctly. This article will guide you on how to program your genie garage door opener whether you have a one-button remote. Programming your remote depends on the model you have, so be sure you pay close attention before getting started. 

Programming Your Genie One-Button Remote

For this model, there are two different kinds of One-Button remotes: one has a “learn code” button and the other has a “program/set” button. To program either of these remotes, you start by removing the protective battery film from the back then follow these simple steps. 

Steps For Remotes With Program/ Set Buttons:

  • Press the Program button down and hold. The blue LED lights on the remote will turn on.
  • Release the button, and the purple LED Lights will flash.
  • Press down and then release the button on your remote that you need programmed. Purple LED lights will remain on if you’re doing the process correctly. 
  • Press the button a second time and blue lights will flash on and off. Press it a third time to complete the programming process.

Steps For Remotes With Learn Code Buttons:

  • Press the learn code button, and your remote will flash red LEDs. 
  • Press down and then release the button on your remote that you need programmed. The light will remain on.
  • Press the button on the remote a second time, and the red lights turn off. Press the button on the remote a third time to complete the process.

Programming Your Genie Three-Button Remote

Follow these steps to program your 3-Button remote. 

  • Press and hold the “Program/Set” button until you see the LEDs come on. and hold it until both LED lights turn on.
  • Release the button and a round blue light will remain on while the other light shuts off. Release that button and you should see the round blue LED stay on while the long LED turns off.
  • Press and release the button the lights will flash. “Program/Set” button and you should see the long purple LED begin to flash. Then do the same thing for the button you need to program, and then the lights will remain on. 
  • Press and release the button you need to be programmed a second time, then the lights should flash and then shut off. Finally, press and release the button a third time, which should end the process.

Having Trouble Programming Your Genie Remote? Call the Experts.

While programming your new Genie Garage Door opener shouldn’t give you too many issues, there are some nuances with different models. If you’re in the market for a new garage door installation, the pros at Garage Door in My Area can program your remote as a part of the installation. 

We have many years of experience installing various makes and models of garage doors and will make the process easy for you. We offer comprehensive pricing, as well as yearly or bi-yearly check-up plans to ensure your door always opens and closes smoothly, as it should. To book a consultation or an appointment, give us a call or fill out the form on our website today.