People looking forward to buy a house may have a lot in mind about their new home. They change their demands and needs with the changing real estate market condition and the cost of purchasing and maintenance needed. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) recently reached out to the consumers asking about their preferences while choosing a place to live. The study found that many consumers give great preference to the garage while looking for a home.

Storage and Organization

The NAHB survey revealed that 86% of the people they interviewed wanted good garage storage space. Although the garage is the least lived area of the home, majority of homebuyers looks at the garage as a source of storage space.

People love to keep their home organized. Assistant vice president for NAHB research, Rose Quint said that,“homebuyers want help with organization.” Moreover, the statistics showed that 93% needed laundry room, 90% needed bathroom linen closet, 85% needed kitchen pantry, and one-third of the homebuyers considered garage storage as a must while selecting a home.

Most consumers wanted a large garage that could fit up to three vehicles. Rather than to keep additional cars, the large space needed is to function as storage space.

Preparing your Garage

Potential homebuyers visiting your house will be checking every single aspect of the place so you need to prepare your garage, highlighting the storage space in such a way that they should be able to visualize how comfortable it would be to live in your house.

If you happen to have a larger garage space that could occupy two cars or more, then you can easily impress a potential buyer by dividing the area for parking a car and storage. Do not forget to do the necessary garage door repair and maintenance, as obviously, a damaged garage door will not help with the sale.

You must de-clutter the garage before a buyer visits your place. You can throw away all the things that you do not need or can set up a yard sale. You can also make use of the ceiling and wall space. Walls can be used to hang tools and ceiling can be used to hang light items that are not frequently used. You can also add cabinets and modular storage stacks if you are ready to put in little extra time and money.