Are you about to build a small garage? Something like a shed on some of the land you have besides what the house is standing on? It is understandable if you are wondering about the best way to add a door to that. So, why not try a sectional door. There are many compelling reasons to at least consider this option.

What You Will Need in a Door

Before you start off, there are some minimum requirements to meet. For example, there will be a minimum size limit that allows you to actually raise the door. For this, you will need something over 112 square feet of space on the floor, which means the garage will have to be around 8 feet by 14 feet. There will also need to be a headspace of five inches right on top of the door, as well as another two inches if you are going to go with an automatic opener.

Why Get a Sectional Door?

  • Installing a sectional door would mean dispensing with the need to scrape the snow off from in front of the shed because the doors would swing outwards to open.
  • Inward opening doors would eat up a lot of interior storage, but a sectional garage door would not. That means you get the maximum usable space, which justifies even getting a garage door replacement.
  • There is a wider entrance to the garage if you have a sectional garage door, at least more than the 72 inches provided by the widest conventional doors of the side-by-side type. This allows you to move equipment in or out easily.
  • Conventional access doors cannot be set up to be automated, but a sectional door can.

Your Options

Let us start with the dimensions. A width of four feet is the minimum you can get, but it is possible to go wider. As for height, 6’6” and 7’0” are most commonly used.

As for the designs, you have options including embossing, flush doors, overlays, thin lines, etc. It is easy to go with any aesthetic that strikes your fancy. Most people simply choose the same design as the one on their shed door.

If you love having natural lighting inside the garage, it is a good idea to have some windows. This will not just light up the place, but also make it look more elegant from the outside.

For hardware, you have the option to use something decorative to get your intended look and feel, such as traditional wrought iron, or antique brass, for instance. Just make sure that you minimize the need for garage door repair with whatever you pick.