Garage doors are mainly installed in homes in order to assure the safety of the property and the people who live there. However, seasonal maintenance is essential to keep these doors in good condition. It is to be noted that it is always better to replace the garage doors rather than repairing it if the door is in bad shape. Of course, consulting with a professional garage door repair technician would be helpful in determining that.

Importance of Garage Door Replacement

Replacing a garage door comes with many substantial benefits when compared to the garage door repairs. According to a recent study, the average garage door replacement projects in America yielded an ROI (Return on Investment) of 91.5 percent, especially while selling the property. Other than that, garage door replacement is also attributed to as an after effect of the rise in trendy home construction in the United States.

Apart from safety, a garage door also plays a major role in enhancing the overall look of your house. Hence, you must also consider the style of your home while replacing the garage doors. You can also give many beautiful makeovers to your garage doors as well. Below are some of those makeovers that you can try out easily.

Five a Faux Wood Finish

Most garage doors will be made of steel or some other durable metals in order to ensure the best possible safety standards. However, this may not look appealing and may not blend with the overall style of your home. In order to make it look better, you can give a faux wood appeal to the garage door, simply by using a wood colored glaze finish. This will make your steel or metal garage door look like a wooden one and elevate the overall style of your home.

Carriage Style Door Look

These types of garage doors were trending fashion during the 90’s. However, it is really inconvenient and expensive to install carriage style doors in today’s modern homes. Still, you can replicate the look of carriage style doors very easily, and that too, in an affordable manner. All you need to create this look is some wood and hardware, which are readily available in the market. You can even get in touch with a garage door installation team for ideas.

Add a Pergola

Attaching a pergola above your garage door is the perfect way to boost its aesthetical appeal. In fact, it is really an easy task to attach a pergola above the garage door; all you need to create a pergola is some woodworking skills. You can also buy a readymade pergola and simply attach it to the garage door as per the instructions. For added effects, grow some vines or climbing flowers on the pergola; that would surely lift up the overall ambiance of your home.