Decorating your garage door is something you have probably been wanting to do for a long time, just the same as most homeowners that want to raise the curb appeal of their home. Come to think of it, a better look need not be all you get out of adding a few new attractive elements to this part of your home. Adding windows, for instance, can light up the interior in a much better way.

The Aesthetic Implications of Adding Garage Door Windows

Assuming the rest of the home is in top shape from all the improvements you have made to it, beautifying the garage door with a fresh look is probably the next logical step. These days, a lot of people recognize that fact and clamor for decorative windows which match not just their homes’ color schemes, but also the other windows. This is to say that garage door windows can be coordinated with the front door windows, based on the number and type of panes, and other considerations.

The main disadvantage this carries is that once you start, there is almost no way of backtracking. For that reason, it is wise to first check out the available design options, and decide which of them would suit the look of your home.


The main appeal of garage door windows is that they let substantial light into the garage so that when you enter in the daytime, you can move around fairly easily without the benefit of lights. As a downside, this does lower the amount of privacy and security you get to enjoy, because just about anyone can see inside from the driveway. The best workaround is to use frosted or tinted glass for these windows. Just be sure whatever you choose is sturdy enough to allow for quick garage door panel repair in the future.

Effect on the Lifting System

If your garage door does not have windows in it, then adding new ones can change how efficiently the lifting system operates. Based on whether you have an extension or torsion type spring, as well as the age of the door, you would normally have to dish out extra just to make sure the new setup will function properly, as opposed to requiring frequent garage door spring repair. You would not have this problem with an already windowed garage door. From your side, you need to call a specialist to come check the weight of the door, and determine whether the lifting system would be able to handle the weight after adding windows.