It is true that Do It Yourself or DIY repairs is one of the best ways to save money and it will also help you to engage yourself in an exciting and fun weekend project. If you are a person who loves to perform DIY repairs around your home, then you might be a little bit tempted to fix the garage door issues in your home in your home.

You can see many videos and tutorials on YouTube and other social media platforms, which feature DIY garage door repairs. The repair work may seem easy in the videos, but it is not always that easy to perform. This is especially the case when you have not yet repaired any parts of your garage door ever and if you lack knowledge on how to carry out garage door repairs. In such instances, it is best to seek the help of expert garage door repair technicians for the job. Below are a few more reasons that will explain why Do It Yourself repairs are a bad idea.

Torsion Springs are Extremely Dangerous

As you would probably know, there are two types of garage door spring systems available in the market – torsion systems and extension systems. Torsion systems, which are the most common choice of customers due to their reliability, are dangerous from a DIY repair and maintenance perspective. This is because they are wound with immense force and would be under great tension. This implies that if you attempt to fix garage door spring issues on your own, you will end up getting injured.

There is a Risk of Falling Down

It might come as a surprise to you when you hear the fact that thousands of individuals get killed or seriously injured in home-related accidents. The number one cause of most home-related accidents is fall. In fact, a recent report submitted by the Home Safety Council revealed that fall accounts for approximately 6,000 deaths every year. Apparently, you are at risk of a fall while you are repairing your garage door, so avoid the chances of an injury by hiring expert technicians to do the job instead of going for DIY.

Falling Garage Door

The weight of steel garage doors is estimated to be over 100 pounds while wooden garage doors usually weigh hundreds of pounds. This means that losing control over your garage door is something most garage owners prefer to avoid. If the garage door comes crashing down, then the floor beneath your garage door will be damaged and that will have an impact on the door too. Moreover, if you are standing underneath the door when doing the repairs, then you will end up severely injured if the door falls accidentally.