The aim of garage door spring manufacturers is to provide the customers with a product that offer better tolerance and complies with the various industry standards. However, after these springs leave the manufacturing site, the manufacturer will no longer have control over the way it is handled, installed, or how it is affected by the usage. As per the technicians who deal with garage door springs Santa Ana, there are many factors that affect the life cycle of garage door springs. Some of these factors are explained below.

Installing the Spring to a Wrong Door

It is important to understand if the new garage door springs meet with the counterbalance requirement of the garage door, as using a spring that does not meet with the counterbalance requirement will not only decrease the life of the garage door assembly but will also lead to safety issues while operating the door. This is why it is important to get help from the best garage door repair service Santa Ana technician to identify the specifications of the spring.

Incorrect Turns to a Torsion Spring

It is important not to put excessive torque on torsion springs used in garage doors, as it can put excess force on the counterbalance components of the door and can pose safety hazards to the technician who is applying the torque. Application of insufficient torque can also lead to issues like the garage door moving down from its open position, which can pose safety risks to people and objects moving in and out of the garage. The number of turns of the torsion spring should be in accordance with the installation instructions offered by the garage door spring manufacturer.

Using a Spring in a Door Weighing More Than the Specified Weight

Some actions of the homeowner, such as adding components to the garage door or painting the door, can cause the door weight to go beyond the specifications of the garage door springs manufacturer. If you think that the new paint you applied to the garage door has increased its weight, you can get help from a trained garage door springs Santa Ana technician to measure that effect after disabling the counterbalance system of the door. On the other hand, it is recommended not to attach or hang any materials from the garage door or its parts.