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The space behind garage doors aren’t often thought of as very interesting or exciting. We store items like rakes, shovels and hedge trimmers. We park our cars there. However, you might be surprised at some of the things that homeowners have done inside of their garages. We have looked around the strangest corners of the internet to find four of the strangest and wildest things that have happened inside garages. 


  • Garage Door as a Trampoline


Some young people can do the strangest and dumbest things. A group of teenagers in Albuquerque, New Mexico used a garage door as a trampoline. The surveillance cameras of the homeowner caught the teens jumping into the garage door at 2 am this past July. Albuquerque police say that the teenagers didn’t appear to desire to break into the home, but rather thought jumping into the garage door was a fun game. Obviously, the homeowner is the one left not having any fun, as the damage probably led them to some high garage door repair costs. 


  • Not Safe For Work – Or For Young Viewers


Garage doors are a valuable part of your home, but some residents can use them inappropriately. That is exactly what a 41-year old Virgina man did this past February, according to a report from Fox News. He projected an adult film onto his garage door. As soon as his neighbors noticed what he was doing, they phoned the police about the graphic sexual scenes being projected on his garage door. Many homeowners use their garage doors as projection screens, but few do so with adult films. The 41-year old man was served a summons for his actions, but refused to sign it, and was therefore arrested. 


  • Garage Daycare or Prison?


The inside of our living rooms are great places to watch the kids and keep them safe. Most people would agree that the garage is not a safe place to keep the kids. This past August, a 29-year old Detroit woman got fed up with her roommates’ children, and locked them in the garage. Thankfully, the children, ages 4 and 9, didn’t have to do a long time in their garage prison, as the mother came home soon after and called the police. The kids didn’t do any damage, so luckily their mother didn’t need to pay for any garage door repair. Moral of the story? Garages are not great places to keep kids! 


  • No Good Deed Goes Unnoticed


It’s always nice to hear about a positive story, and we will finish off with just that. When a police officer noticed that a 73-year old Wisconsin man had been the victim of graffiti taggers, the officer took matters into his own hands. Rather than leaving the elderly man to have to go it alone, the officer bought some white paint and went to work. The officer scrubbed off the unsightly graffitti, then proceeded to give the garage door a nice fresh coat of paint. It’s always great to see neighbors helping neighbors.