Are you considering making some changes to your old garage door? Why not have the frames of your garage door made with aluminum? It is a great and easy idea to introduce changes to your garage door.

The aluminum used in garage door frames is the same as the one sold in rolls. The aluminum sheet should be bent with the help of specialized equipment used by garage door installation companies. You could also buy the aluminum, take it to a dealer, and get it bent. However, it will be better to get the job done by professionals, as they will be experienced in such works and will be able to finish the job easily and safely. Below are a few benefits of having an aluminum garage door frame.

Low Maintenance

Aluminum does not fade or rust, and so it will need only very little maintenance. Usually, it will be coated with paint and a protective layer, making it much resistant to weather. To keep it clean, you just need to wipe it down with soap water.

Increased Life

The aluminum cladding that you add to the garage door frame will act as a protective layer to the existing wooden frame. The cladding can protect the wooden frame from the elements and prevent its rotting, thereby increasing the life of the garage door.

Better Appeal

If your garage is located at the front side of your house, the door will be the first thing that people notice when they pull up outside your home. If the door frame is not clad with aluminum, and you are not punctual on maintenance, the first thing that people notice will be flaky paint and rotting door, which is not at all attractive. By having an aluminum garage door frame, you can increase the curb appeal of the home very easily.

Smooth Blend

You will be able to get a smooth seal between the aluminum frame and other exterior components like brick or the cladding of your home. For this, you need to cover the joint between the weather-stripping of the frame and the exterior finish with a sealant. There are many types of sealants available in the market, which can stay flexible even in very cold temperatures.

Above listed are some of the important benefits of having an aluminum garage door frame. You can also consider covering the existing frame of your garage door in aluminum. Yet make sure that you get the job done by an experienced garage door repairs and service team.