People these days often prefer to go for Do-It-Yourself options in order to save money and get a sense of achievement somehow. Although that might be true for some cases, like computer maintenance and setting up the light fixtures, not all things can be accomplished watching some DIY videos on the internet. One such thing is installing the garage door.

Recent studies have proven that the garage door is one of the most vulnerable parts of a home that burglars target to break into the house. That is why professional installation of the same is even more important to ensure better home security. Besides, a garage door has a lot of complicated parts and fittings, and failing to take note of any instructions at the time of installation can prove to be very dangerous.

It is surprising that many homeowners go for self-installing the garage door despite knowing the risks of the same. In fact, most of these people end up making silly mistakes during the garage door installation process and later pay more for the repairs than what would have cost them at the first place by calling a professional. Below are three such common mistakes that people make during DIY garage door installation.

Not Lining Up the Garage Door Opener Properly

Amateur DIYers think that installing the garage door opener and motor slightly off the track will not affect the functioning of the door. They usually opt to do so when there is a power outlet or a wiring box at the center of the garage ceiling. However, this mistake can in turn render the garage door useless, because the opener in automatic garage door units needs to be lined up with the center of the garage door to work. Even if the garage door did function when you installed the opener slightly off the center, it will twist and damage the entire unit eventually.

Not Considering the Garage Door Interiors

It is important to review the interior space of the garage properly before buying an automatic garage door unit. This is because the light fixtures, wiring, and power outlets should be aligned properly to install the garage door. Besides, there are many options in door types these days, such as wood, vinyl, steel, etc., so you need to choose one that would suit the garage space and complement the intended use of the room perfectly.

Not Adjusting the Garage Door

This is one of the main perks of going for a professional garage door installation. They check the garage door and its functioning after the installation is complete, and make small adjustments to it as necessary. Balancing the garage door, correcting the opener alignment, checking the speed, etc., are some of the critical adjustments to make after the garage door installation is done.