With a lot of people getting avid about home improvement these days, you see plenty of small and large scale residential transformations being made in homes all across the country. Both the interiors and exteriors of many homes get radically revamped in order to up the beauty quotient. This not only makes residences look a lot more stylish, but also living in them much more enjoyable. Backyard extensions are among the latest fads to hit the scene, and even the garage door can figure into this kind of improvement.

Glass Garage Doors

Your garage door need not be just a beautiful fourth wall. All-glass garage doors can serve as wonderfully practical partitions. You could have yours bolted on to a solid structure made of wood to ensure it is both stable and secure, and maybe even try out overlapping doors after some serious planning. The result is an exceedingly bright and inviting living area or summer kitchen on one side, separated from a hot tub or pool. Done right, this could even minimize chances of you needing a garage door replacement for at least a decade.


An entertainment area themed similarly to a bar or restaurant is something you can achieve easily enough. Along these lines, you have a multitude of options regarding color and type. Gray-tinted glass seems to be the reigning favorite right now, but you could choose something more in keeping with your proclivities – blue-and-green, bronze, clear, etc.


All-glass garage door can be customized based on the exact color you want, although from the material perspective, it is more sensible to go with tempered glass than the other options. This way, you can know that if any of the panes broke, you would only have tiny pieces lying around, instead of long shards someone could cut themselves on before the garage door panel repair crew arrived.

In fact, installing an all-glass garage door in the right place would let you do the following things.

  • Make a spectacular living area right next to your swimming pool.
  • Set up a safe and relatively private area where friends and family can get together and enjoy themselves.
  • Make a functional, off-the-cuff mini-restaurant or bar out of your garage.
  • Use more of the space you have in your home for things you like to do, and leave it looking good afterwards.
  • Enjoy fresh air while in the comfort of your own familiar surroundings.