Having a garage in your home can be convenient on many levels, but a space like that can also pose vulnerabilities. Your garage is a way into your home, which means that some managing to bypass your garage door would find it easier to break in. The following steps can help ensure no garage door break-ins occur on your watch.

Hide the Remote

Lots of drivers have the habit of leaving their garage door’s remote on the front passenger seat. Take the time to put it in the glove box instead, or somewhere else that is equally safe. The best approach would be to take it back into the house when you get out of the car.

Take Care of the Emergency Release

Most garage doors come with emergency releases that allow prying the door open for easy access. The problem is that a would-be intruder could easily use this at a time when they were not being watched. From your side, you can eliminate this possibility by securing the door with zip ties. This may be low-tech, but it is extremely effective.

Close the Door

Some people just leave their garage door open when they leave, paving the way for a break-in that could result in loss of life and property. Too many criminals are patient enough to wait until you are off your guard, and then make their move. Keep this in mind each time you are heading out, and lock the door properly.

Cover the Windows

Garage doors with windows look a lot better, but they also give people at least a minimal glance at who or what is inside. To make sure you do not attract potential burglars in this way, cover up the windows with a cardboard or newspaper, so that your garage can be both private and secure.

Regular Maintenance

Neglecting maintenance not only mars the look and functionality of your garage, it also makes it easier for someone to break in via the garage door. If you need a garage door replacement, make sure not to put it off too long. If you need garage door repair parts, ask the person who installed the door for you instead of getting someone else.

Set Up a Camera

This is to discourage ne’er-do-wells from thinking your garage is a place they can break into and not get caught. Even a fake camera works most of the time, but a real one would serve better.