Garage doors are used frequently irrespective of time and seasons. So it is important that you maintain your garage door well. Nevertheless, it is always wiser to take preventive maintenance measures rather than repairing them later. Below are some preventive maintenance tips for your garage doors.

Observe the Door

The first and most important thing that you must do is to observe your garage door every single time you use it. Check if the door is operating smoothly and silently without any noises or jerks. Furthermore, check whether the door system parts such as the pulleys, springs, and cables, look symmetrical from both the sides.

Systemize the Hardware

You are using your doors for countless times a year. Therefore, the chances for the door’s hardware to get loosened up are quite high because of the continuous vibrations and movement. So check the screws, bolts, and brackets of the door and tighten them if necessary. Additionally, lubricate them when needed for seamless action.

Test the Door Balance

It is necessary that your garage doors are balanced properly, else the door opener will have to work harder, and as a result, it might get damaged sooner than its expected term. To know if the door is perfectly balanced, just open the door halfway up and see if it stays put. If not, the balance of the springs or the counterweight system might be disturbed. In such cases, you will need to contact a garage door spring repair technician to address the problem.

Inspect the Rollers

Rollers are needed to be inspected almost every year and they are usually replaced every 6 or 7 years as per the use. You can remove and reinstall the roller brackets to replace the damaged rollers easily. However, it would be better to hire a professional for replacing the rollers that are directly connected to the system.

Check the Weather-Stripping

Check the weather-stripping of your doors every time and if you find the damaged, replace them right away. You can do this yourself by buying a weather-stripper from any nearby stores. Just cut it as per the size you need and place it in the furrow of the garage door with the wide angle of flange inside.

Apart from the above-said checks, also inspect the condition of your garage door cables regularly because a damaged cable can lead to serious malfunctioning of the garage door. Moreover, make sure that either side of your garage doors is free of any dust or debris so that the garage door sensors work properly. Consult a professional as soon as you notice any issues with any of the garage door parts, as ignoring even minor problems can invoke major repair costs later.