Side-hinged garage doors are one of the most popular options among homeowners who have either bought or are considering buying a garage door for their residence. The demand for this specific type has shot up recently, mainly because a lot of people do not use the garage solely for storing their vehicles. There is usually an extra room, which allows storing other items, many of them valuable.

Many people also use the garage as a gym, workshop, office, or playroom, which brings the requirement of enhanced security where the garage door is concerned. A common solution adopted is the installation of a pedestrian access door that lets people and small objects in while the rest of the garage door stays closed.

Side-hinged or swing garage doors work best when their components, including door panels, hinges, subframe, and lock, are functioning at their best. This assures many benefits such as easy access, effortless operation, and superb weather sealing, without the need for frequent garage door repairs, since the low number of moving parts and the lack of a garage door spring makes damage less likely. Moreover, this type of door does not require internal mechanisms, which would take up space in the interior.

Materials Needed

You would imagine these doors being made out of wood, and that is often the most visually appealing choice to go with. It is possible to choose from different options, including oak. Cedarwood is widely preferred for its lightness of both color and weight. It also allows further painting if you want a different tone, which matches the rest of the house. Since it is a micro-porous wood, cedar can look very good after two coats of a goo-colored paint is applied on it.

Steel, when used to make double skinned doors, is a material that can deliver top-of-the-line insulation, as well as better strength. The two combine to give enhanced security to the home, against both intrusion and hazardous weather. The components of insulated doors would be better equipped to handle greater weight, with the hinges being stronger, and the locks relatively superior.

Fiberglass is another great material for swing doors because it is both stable and strong. It also accommodates quirks in design, which means 8 times out of 10, the owner can get the look they are going for. Fiberglass too minimizes the need for garage door repairs, while giving off a similar look to the wood.