Imagine oversleeping and rushing around getting ready for work, all the while thinking up excuses to tell your boss. You manage to make it into the car without further incident, and then BAM! You just backed it right into your garage door. This happens to a lot of people, and has probably happened to someone you know, or even yourself. No matter whether it was a slippery driveway or foggy window glass that caused it, you would be left feeling miserable at the prospect of repairing the damage.

The Extent of the Garage Damage

You may have only hit the bottom part of the garage door, in which case, all is not lost. The typical electric door opener is capable of lifting the door all the way up, and can handle around 350 lbs of weight. Taking care to touch nothing, take a good look around. Do you see the rollers in the tracks, and are the hinge still intact? Is the drum-cable alignment off? Again, touch nothing, because the lifting system is holding up the full weight of the garage door.

Bring your car out a good distance, and hit the button on the remote. If the door lowers easily, then all is well. On the other hand, if you hear noises, it means the sections do not fit properly anymore. You should stop using the garage door until that is fixed, so to be safe, go and unplug it.

If the Garage Door is Off its Tracks

This is one area where you as a homeowner can do very little. Instead of trying Doing It Yourself, call an expert, preferably the same one that initially performed garage door installation at your residence. You would probably find their number on the housing of the door opener.

Calling the Insurance Company

Based on how severe the damage is, you may want to call the insurance company and tell them about both the car and the garage door. Make sure you check the policies you have in place before calling because winning a claim can easily turn out to be more hassle than it is worth.

The Costs Of Repairing a Garage Door

Repair work on your garage door may require getting replacement sections, and in many cases, you may need a complete garage door replacement. Most of what you pay would go towards the labor costs, which is why the severity of the problem is a good indicator of how much this would set you back.