Why Safety Sensors are an Integral Part of your Garage Door

Safety sensors are undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your automatic garage door, and they play a vital role in regulating the opening and closing of garage doors. Hence, it is important to conduct regular inspection of your garage door sensors by hiring the expert repair technicians, who deal with garage door sensors Irvine.

If your garage door is not fully opening or if it continues to be in the closing position even after clicking the garage door opener, then it is certain that the sensor has detected a person or an object in its path. This feature prevents the chances of potential damages to the opener, door, as well as to the person or object standing in the way of your garage door. However, it is a fact that garage door sensors encounter issues or problems as they age.

Safety sensors of your garage door are actually located at the bottom corner of your door and they will be attached to the rails. There is a sending unit on one side of the safety sensors and a receiver at the opposite side. These units use infrared lights to communicate with one another. The sending unit of the sensor operates like a flashlight, while the other unit works like an electronic eyeball.

An intangible and invisible trip wire is created by both these units. This wire detects obstructions in the garage door path and informs the motor. When this happens, your garage door will reverse and the main lights will turn on and off more than a few times to indicate that there is an obstruction in the path of your garage door. The door will continue to be in resting position, as the obstruction is not allowing the sensors to see each other.

One of the most common issues reported in this regard is loose storage or nearby objects blocking the garage door sensor. Most of us tend to keep some items in the corner of the garage. The usual culprit may be the hockey sticks, brooms, shovels, or even your bike tire.

If you happen to be such a person, make sure to keep any such items at least 6 inches away from your garage door in order to prevent blocking of the sensors. However, if you encounter any other problems with your garage door sensors, them it would be better to contact the Best garage door repair service Irvine and ask them to fix the issue.